Rugby Acne Medication 10% 45gm

Rugby Acne Medication 10% Treatment Gel is the strongest Benzoyl Peroxide Gel available! The 10% benzoyl peroxide, water based gel is the same maximum strength formula recommended by dermatologists.Rugby Acne Medication 10% Gel zooms deep into pores where oil and bacteria live, killing bacteria and zapping zits, delivering the fastest results possible. For treatment and prevention of acne pimples, acne blemishes, blackheads or whiteheads. Rugby Acne Medication 10% Treatment Gel kills acne causing bacteria. Clears acne pimples and blackheads fast. Oil free, odorless gel vanishes as it clears your skin. The maximum strength formula in Rugby Acne Medication 10% Treatment Gel is the same formula recommended by dermatologists.

Zeno Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device 1 ea

The #1 Acne Device
Removes Blemishes Fast
Starts Clearing in 1 Hour*
Gentle Heat Technology
Eliminates Acne Bacteria
FDA – Approved
100% Natural
80 Uses
Includes 2 AA Batteries
Introducing New Zeno Hot Spot – a technological breakthrough. This pocket-sized beauty tool makes your acne blemishes disappear fast. In fact, in clinical trials, some blemishes began to clear in just one hour. And 90% of blemishes treated with Zeno disappeared or faded within 24 hours.
Zeno’s patented technology uses safe and gentle heat to kill the bacteria that causes pimples in the first place. This trusted beauty device provides unbeatable performance, at the touch of a button, to keep your skin in the clear.
Dermatologist recommended
Safe & gentle for daily use
Use with your daily skincare regimen
For all skin types
About Zeno
Zeno Hot Spot is a revolutionary handheld, battery-operated device used to treat individual acne blemishes. The device is designed with a biocompatible treatment tip that heats to a pre-set temperature. Once in contact with a blemish, the safe and gentle heat destroys the acne causing bacteria.
Beauty Through the Science of Heat.
*Based on results from a clinical trial
Designed in the USA
Manufactured in Penang, Malaysia

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover, Two Sizes, 36 Count

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers work like a sponge to absorb pus and oil from acne blemishes. Simply peel a cover off the liner and place it over the blemish, no messy creams to work with. Nexcare(TM) Acne Covers are a drug-free, non-drying way to absorb oil from clogged pores. They work on a variety of skin types, and act as a protective cover, reducing the urge to squeeze or pick at a blemish. Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers are also breathable and comfortable to wear. Each package contains 36 covers, in two sizes, to best fit your needs.