New Color Ray Photo Rejuvenation Therapy Photon Led Device

You are viewing a Brand New Color Ray Photon Therapy Device. The photon may activate the human cell at 5 times of the growing speed, helps to convert the glucose to ATP. The cell metabolism energy rises, consequently stimulates the collagen’s growth. Different types of photon have different effects on improvement of skin. The device utilizes LED to generate the photon energy, effective in the skin care and improvement. This is through the strong pulse photon of specific spectrum, to reorganize the collagen’s deployment, resume its elasticity simultaneously improve the blood circulation. These functions coexisting are eliminating the facial skin wrinkles.

  • Brand New in Retail Packaging
  • Retails for $119.98
  • Has three power settings: low, med, high
  • Has three modes for light settings: Red, Blue, or Red/Blue combination
  • Can emit pulse light or continuous wave light
  • A/C Power Adapter is included
  • Comes in beautiful pink gift box.

    Main Treatment:

  • kill bacteria deep within the skin that causes skin blemishes
  • Reduce and remove acne (including blackheads)
  • Reduce and remove sunspots
  • Reduce and remove brown age spots
  • Reduce and remove inflammation and redness
  • Reduce and remove rosacea
  • Reduce pore size by up to 50 percent
  • Decrease wrinkles & Reduces scars
  • Stimulate collagen generation
  • Fixes irregular skin textures
  • Eliminate enlarged and fractured capillaries

    New Color Ray Photo Rejuvenation Therapy Photon Led Device Anti-aging

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