Warning: Antibiotics and other expensive drugs might NOT be the most cost effective solution to your Acne cure... “Can One Guy And His Simple Plan Really Cure Your Acne In 30-60 Days?”

Acne is a huge problem and there are hundreds of so called solutions on the market...but do we really need to pay hundreds of dollars to clear our skin? If Acne No More actually works, then the answer is no!

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Acne No More Review

In America alone, an estimated 17-28 million people suffer from Acne, with around 750,000 people suffering intense inflammation...

So why is it so hard to find a solution that actually works? After all, there has been so much dermatological research into acne and skin inflammation, so why is there so many products out there that still get it wrong or simply make the acne worse?

The truth is, up until now acne medication have been too squarely focuses on the treatment and not the prevention. This is typical of most medications and certainly nothing new.

But as an acne sufferer, you know as well as I do that treating acne is a battle in itself and you'd much rather have a prevention first...and then worry about the treatment of the existing acne secondly right?

After all, what is the point in trying to fix a leaking tap with a bucket and mop when you could just call out a plumber and have the pipe replaced?


How I Finally Cleared My Adult Acne 14
Why Me? 36
Acne Free for 18 Years 74
How It Works 82
The Steps for the Apple Fast Method 88
Maintaining the Results 95
Special Instructions for Reducing and Removing
Facial Acne Scars 97
Resistant Acne Methods 99
Reactive Foods That Can Aggravate Acne 105
Frequently Asked Questions 110
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Beyond the surface

Acne No More is a modified diet, a kind of fast that will regulate your hormone levels as well as work on your digestive system to help clean your body.

As you may know and as I preach here on this blog there are ways that your body will create the acne due to what you eat, even though the dermatologist will never agree with me. Actually the program is recognized and accepted as a valid form of holistic treatment by many medical experts and doctors, whom are all referenced in the book itself.

Essentially, amongst all the surrounding pages is a simple routine that uses certain elements that you can buy from your local shops. This system is actually a detox system, not some sort of home made cream or scrub. It's essentially a 3 day fast, where you only eat certain foods and do a few other procedures which are synonymous with a detox program. The difference is, you can do it all at home for cheap.


First Impressions

Lots of self promotion

One of the first things that struck me was the sheer amount of wading you have to do to get past all the self promotion of the author's other books.

What also struck me was that this guy had written all sorts of books on other remedies, which is fine, but kind of made me think "hmmm, if he's writing from personal experience then this guy sure has had a lot of problems in his life!"

But the truth is, I don't know about his other books so I can't really comment to much on that. All I would say is that I am not interested in his other books on totally unrelated problems, so why shove them in my face at the start of the book?

Lots of introductory filler pages

Another gripe I had when reading this book is that there is literally page after page of background story on the author, on the medical history of acne and other studies. Whilst some of the info works well to support and lead into his system, I do think that much of it is unnecessary reading, particularly if you're desperate to get to the solution as quickly as possible.


Does It Work?

The whole system is based around this claim to be rid your acne in 30-60 days. Whilst I am likely not the only person to doubt such inflated claims, I have to admit that it wasn't far off.

It actually took more like 7 days to see results and this seems to be the case with a few other people and friends I have spoken to on Facebook about this.

Sure, it might not work even that well for everyone, but considering how cheap it is to try out and with the money back guarantee, I definitely found it to be worth the try...especially when I saw visible results!!!

Whilst my acne is not entirely clear and I am still having troubles with clearing the existing acne from before, I am finding that my skin is less oily and there have been no outbreaks for the last few days, which is very unusual!

I can't say this is a miracle cure, but I can say that is does have positive results. Perhaps you might have better or worse results, but you really need to try it out and see for yourself. I know that I am not the only one to see positive results, and there's plenty of testimonials from people saying how well it worked for them.

The other benefit I noticed is that I actually lost a few pounds in the process, so that was another plus in my book! The only thing to be careful of is not to rush back off the detox and start gorging on full fat food straight away, or you'll put the weight straight back on and you might reverse some of the effects of the system...this is explained in more detail in the guide and the author does a good job of explaining how to come off the plan effectively and safely without damaging your progress.


Who Is It Right For?

If you're a smoker or drinker that cannot go a couple of days without, then you may struggle to actually make proper use of this program and still see results.

Also, I do feel that you'll need a certain amount of self discipline to be able to see this through. I know it's only 30-60 days (in theory) but what I soon realized is that 30-60 days sure is a long time on a plan like this!

I guess that's the price you pay for the results promised.

I would also say that younger children may not be able to use this system for various reasons which become obvious as you read the guide, so if you're thinking of getting this for your 11 year old son or daughter, I would probably look elsewhere for an alternative solution.


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